Maintaining process stability along with a high rate of production is a challenge in any manufacturing process. The speed at which information is attained from a running process is the defining factor in gaining control over the process without losing valuable production time. AdvaTec specializes in creating highly efficient tools that can be tailored to provide the maximum information in as little time as possible.


Monitoring and control of the process parameters is an essential part of any production unit. In a modern automotive paintshop, the quality of the spray patterns of the paint robots is a critical parameter that is directly correlated to the quality of the end product. Therefore regular assessment of the patterns result in reduction in quality issues, repair time and increase in production quality.

Production Design

A screenshot from the software showing the results of the comparison of a production spray pattern to a reference.

Spay Pattern Analyzer: Scanning
Spray Pattern Analyzer

Temporal tracking of the parameters determined by the algorithms result in the prediction of a quality issue.


AMoLack pays off!

How often does a germination arise in their process fluids?

  • Never, then you can stop reading here!
  • Sporadically or regularly, then you should definitely read on!
  • Usually regularly germinated
  • Germ count immunobemitant with dip-slides or ATP determination
    • Both methods unreliable and time-consuming
  • AMolack
    • Online method
    • Complete microbiological monitoring
Production Design

AMoLack measuring head with multi-sensor technology, e.g. electro coat.

AMoLack Controller
Biocide dosing needed
Germ number development with possibility of automated biocide dosing
Possible interfaces: monitor display, cloud via GSM modem, output to the controller, others on request